So you want a new mortgage?

Looking for the right rate for the right length of time to suit your circumstances and pocket can be a real hassle. If you’re moving house too, it can add extra strain at an already stressful time. The solution can be to get someone to do all the difficult leg-work for you, and that means a mortgage broker. Thornhill Solutions Ltd is an Independent mortgage broker in Leeds.

A good mortgage broker aims to save you hassle, paperwork and, if at all possible, money.


A guiding hand

They hold your hand through the process, look out for your interests and act as a buffer between you and the lender, making phone calls on your behalf.


Expertise & experience

A broker has extensive experience and expertise and will aim to advise you of all the pitfalls.


Avoid common pitfalls

A broker aims to make sure you don’t get caught out by fees, charges or restrictions. They do all the research for you and can explain your options and recommend the most suitable mortgage for your particular circumstances.


Managing difficult circumstances

If your mortgage application is declined for any reason a broker will endevour to find you another lender the same day, and if your circumstances are complex, they can usually track down a lender who is prepared to lend. Because we deal with this kind of thing every day, we know where to go.

Not quite sure what you need? Let us try to help save you money, time and find the very best solution on the market for you.

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